The Canadian Association of Omega 3 Manufacturers (CAO3M) and its members are committed to ensuring that all actions, products, education materials, marketing materials and other such items will be of such quality that they will enhance the perception that member Canadian companies are trustworthy business partners. All initiatives of CAO3M will be directed in such a was as to build Canada's image and help people everywhere to gain trust in its symbol – the red maple leaf.

Therefore, members will:

  • comply with all applicable Canadian laws and regulations dealing with the manufacturing and promotion of marine-based long chain omega 3 products;

  • ensure, through the establishment standards that are equal to or exceed the standards set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, that consumers can entrust their health to our superior, Canadian-made long chain omega 3 marine oil products;

  • will only make health claims that have been approved by Health Canada thus avoiding making unsubstantiated or false or misleading claims for products;

  • represent scientific or other studies to the public in an honest and accurate manner;

  • encourage customers, including retailers, to be responsible in providing information to consumers;

  • encourage research to encourage the safety of and the effectiveness of long chain marine-based omega 3 products;

  • ensure that the long chain omega 3 marine-based products are manufactured in conformity with Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices;

  • initiate remedial action including recalls if necessary, when required because product is licensed by Health Canada;

  • promptly investigate and resolve customer complaints;

  • avoid disparaging competitors' products avoid comparative claims unless supported by appropriate documentation;

  • ensure that all stakeholders from the primary suppliers through to the end users are valued and treated with dignity and respect.