Membership shall consist of:
The Founding members named in the Application for Incorporation
All other members who have become such in accordance with the By-laws of the Corporation and who are in good standing.
Membership shall be open to Canadian sole proprietors, partnerships, Corporations or associations who are engaged in the manufacture, directly or indirectly, within Canada, of finished long chain omega 3 marine based products destined for human consumption for sale whether in Canada and/or internationally.
The manufacturers who sell raw marine oil and/or marine oil omega 3 finished products that do not comply with the minimum standards of the Association whether they be sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations or associations shall not qualify for membership in the Association.
The minimum quality standards shall be those published by the Council for Responsible Nutrition in October 2002. These may be changed from time to time by approval of a majority of the Board of Directors and a two-third's majority of the members at a special meeting called for such purpose or at the Annual General Meeting. The production process must also be Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) compliant as defined by Health Canada.